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In these harsh financial times, Surrey Driving Force have established a good name for providing not just the most recognized superior quality cheap driving lessons Egham is offering but ensuring that our high level driving lessons offers the best value for your money.

Tremendous Value

Though it is feasible to find slightly lower Cheap Driving Lessons Eghamrates with some a few other schools of motoring, this is definitely no guarantee that you may lower your expenses.

By making certain we present fantastic hourly rates which are backed up by an unmatched level of driving tuition, we know that we provide you with the best possible possibility to save money over the time of your driving lessons by preparing you for your driving test in the very least amount of lessons possible.

Increased Financial Savings

You can generate increased price savings up to £2 every lesson on the cost of the premier cheap driving lessons Egham has to offer through block booking your sessions with us.

Intense Programs

A further prospective method of reducing the cost which you pay for the best standard of cheap driving lessons Egham has to offer is by completing an intensive course of driving lessons with us.

This process of tackling driving tuition allows novice drivers to undertake an increased volume of sessions over a short time period. The decrease of time elapsing in between lessons means that you spend a great deal less time covering old ground at the outset of your sessions; consequently you’ve every chance of advancing at a quicker rate and therefore becoming driving test prepared after a lower number of sessions.

Diverse Variety of Tuition

Our full range of driving tuition includes:

  • Intensive Training
  • Mock Practical Assessments
  • Pass Plus
  • Motorway Driving Instruction
  • Refresher Training
  • Taxi Driver Instruction
  • Advanced Motorist Instruction
  • ADI Training – ADI Part 1, ADI Part 2, ADI Part 3

Pass Plus

The Pass Plus course is a great system currently in use to elevate the driving skills and knowledge of freshly qualified motorists.

It is an unhappy fact that newly qualified motorists are significantly more likely to engage in a traffic incident than more skilful drivers and it is this proven fact that played a critical role in the development of the Pass Plus course by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

The Pass Plus course will help to improve the levels of road safety and road understanding of a freshly qualified motorist by presenting them with a few circumstances and events which they will not have experienced during their common driving sessions.

Due to the advantages that will be gained by newly qualified motorists, once you’ve finished your regular driving lessons with the leader of driving instructors Guildford offers, we endorse the advantages the Pass Plus program.

This course doesn’t only help to keep you safe and sound while driving but will also make certain you are considered for reductions with your insurance premium from partaking insurance companies.

Participating insurance companies offer significant special discounts in insurance premiums to customers who have successfully finished Pass Plus courses and Refresher driving courses.

More Information

If you would like to get any further info on the premier cheap driving lessons Egham can give, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by either calling 0845 190 2012, text messaging LESSONS to 81066 or e-mailing

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