Keep Safe When Driving In Foggy Conditions

One of the most dangerous conditions which can be encountered by any driver is when the road becomes shrouded in fog and below we have identified some of the most important tips to follow when conditions become dangerous and visibility decreases.

For obvious reasons, driving with limited visibility is not a pleasant or safe experience for any driver, regardless of their experience on the roads.

During spells of thick fog, it is advisable to try and put of driving until the fog has begun to lift but if this is not possible, the tips below will help you to stay safe.

Tip 1 – Switch Sure Your Fog Lights Are On

The Highway Code stipulates that fog lights should be switched on when visibility is reduced to below 100 metres.

It is important to familiarise yourself with your fog lights so that if fog descends quickly you are not caught unawares leaving you unable to turn them on.

We also advise using a common sense approach in regards to turning them on and off as this can easily prove to be distracting to drivers on both sides of the road. Rather than constantly switching, keep them turned on until there is a sustained improvement in visibility.

Tip 2 – A General Driving Tip

If a road has streetlights which are clearly visible, you probably do not need to use your fog lights.

Tip 3 – Follow the 3 Second Rule

Whilst the standard driving practice for normal conditions is to leave a 2 second gap between you and the vehicle in front of you, the sensible option when driving in fog is to increase the gap to 3 seconds or further depending on the thickness of the fog.

Tip 4 – Use All of Your Senses

If visibility is severely reduced, do not be afraid to use senses other than vision. If you stop at a junction, wind down the window and listen out for oncoming traffic. If you feel that it is okay to proceed do so with confidence without hesitation.

Tip 5 – Keep Your Speed Down

Sadly, regardless of how sensible your approach to driving in fog may be, not all road users are likely to be as sensible.

As such it is important to keep your cool and if someone is tailgating you, avoid accelerating away as this could result in you becoming too close to the vehicle in front.

Tip 6 – Use You Windscreen Wipers and Demisters

Conditions outside your car are likely to be bad enough without adding a dirty or fogged-up windscreen hampering visibility.

Tip 7 – Pay Special Attention To These Road Users

Pay special attention to drivers without headlights, as they can be particularly hard to see. The same goes for cyclists and pedestrians.

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